Deleted Video Recovery: Tutorial to Repair Corrupt XVID Files

XVID is a well known video file format which has been well accomplished to enhance the quality of video files. It is widely used on every computer for playing movies and other video files with better visual graphics. Further, due to its advance quality and small file size, XVID has become one of the popularly used video codec on Intrenet. But, beside all these features, it even got corrupted and become unresponsive. As a result, users have to faces several cunning error messages while playing these stored video codec files.


But, thank’s to deleted video recovery software that can easily be able to resolve all these annoying situations and repair corrupt XVID files effectively. However, elaborating in detail on how the recovery software works to resolve the issue of file corruption. Lets have a look on some of the common reasons that are responsible for creation of such devastating situations.

XVID File Corruption Reasons

  • It might occur due to improper installation of xvidcode.dll file
  • Corruption in Windows registry due to sudden system shut down or power failure
  • Problem with operating system
  • Multiple installation of same file without installing the previous one.
  • Multiple installing the video codec on different file location
  • Virus infection
  • Logical error

Wait, after the corruption issue, video file also start various of unknowing error messages, some of whoch are listed below.

  • “File format not found”
  • “Unable to start the application”
  • “xvid.dll error”
  • “video codec missing or corrupted”
  • “Fails to play the requested video”
  • “Unmounted video file”

Best Way to Recover XVID Files

Deleted video recovery software is really an one of the best and effective tool in your case. Its read only nature and better scanning algorithm provide complete rescue to XVID files without disturbing its integrity. It perform the recovery process usually in three steps i.e. in first step, it completely scan your entire hard drive and list all the scanned file. Secondly, it uses latest algorithm to repair and recover corrupted XVID files. Finally, it stores the recovered file at the desired location and generates log report which can be quite useful for further use. Further, the tool also able to resolve compatibility issue by supporting better working environment on every Mac OS X.

Step 1: Download & install Deleted video recovery software to recover corrupted XVID files.

XVID Recovery Guide

Step 2: Select the drive that you want to scan.

XVID Recovery Guide

Step 3: Wait till the scanning gets overred, now select the required file to be repaired.

XVID Recovery Guide

Step 4: After its completion, a preview of recovered files are displayed.

XVID Recovery Guide

Step 5: Select the location to save the recovered XVID files.

 XVID Recovery Guide


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